Mini Cheetah Robot By MIT Can Perform Backflips

Mini Cheetah Robot By MIT Can Perform BackflipsMIT is back with the newest edition of the Mini Cheetah, its Cheetah quadrupedal robot, and it has got a new trick up its sleeve. The robot can perform backflips.

Backflipping bots is not a new thing—the much bigger Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics in November 2017 pulled off the trick—but the Mini Cheetah is the first robot with four legs to do it, which is actually more impressive. Finally, a number of humans can backflip, but how many animals do you recognize that can do the same stunt.

The robot is also a smaller edition of the bigger Cheetah 3 from 2018—it has a weight of almost 20 Pounds, and can trot along at almost 2.45 Meters Per Second (almost 5.5 Miles Per Hour), which appears helpful to know, just in case things go all south on us.

On a related note, there have been attempts to battle racist biases in face detection tools via better training info, but that usually comprises a human manually providing the new element. MIT’s CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) may have an enhanced method. It is designing an algorithm that “de-biases” automatically the training element for face detection AI, making sure that it accommodates a broader range of people. The code can scan a set of data, know the set’s biases, and rapidly resample it to guarantee better representation for individuals irrespective of skin color.

The tech will not unavoidably remove out all biases, but the outcomes can be important. In trialing, MIT’s system lowered “categorical bias” by 60% without impacting the accuracy. It also pledges to save time, particularly for bigger data collections that are time-eating. You may not see this method employed for a while in practice. On the other hand, it can become important as companies and police depend more and more on face recognition.

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