Slack’s Desktop Application Receives Dark Mode Options

Slack’s Desktop Application Receives Dark Mode Options

The dark mode trend seems like it is here to settle, with more and more firms launching black color themes for their apps. The newest feature in desktop app for Slack shows dark mode support to save your eyes when you are working late night.

If you have not already changed the app yourself, devoted dark mode schemes are now accessible on Slack’s Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop apps. They join the iOS and Android mobile applications where it was a feature already. You can either use different dark mode sidebar versions, or try the latest dark mode theme “Nocturne,” which is now extra darker.

Slack’s Accessibility Product Manager, George Zamfir, claims that the dark mode is “useful for operating in low-light or at night” and it is essential for allowing accessibility for individuals with “migraines, visual impairments, or other visual disorders”.

To turn on the dark mode in the desktop client of Slack, you will need to go to Preferences >> Themes. Here you can see different options for sidebar or toggle between dark and light modes.

On a related note, Slack is important for how many firms work, but the messaging service has had concerns earlier with security issues. Earlier, Slack claimed that it is including features that the company states will help admins lock their workspaces down to stop individuals from accessing data they should not and lower the leak of sensitive firm info.

The update includes extra security choices to make sure only authorized devices and consumers can use Slack workspace of a business. The new function has the ability of needing a secondary authentication measure on mobile machines, such as employing Touch ID, a generated password, or Face ID, and the capability of banning message copying or file downloads. This must stop people from copying files or messages onto unauthorized devices.

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