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The research team at the University of Minnesota Medical School has associated that specific human brain functions that are pertaining to self-control and mental flexibility can be targeted with electrical brain simulation techniques that is based on integrating artificial intelligence techniques. The pilot study was conducted among 12 patients that were undergoing brain surgery for epilepsy – A procedure that places hundreds of tiny electrodes all through the brain to record the activity and further identify where the point of origination of the seizure has occurred. The team identified a brain region – the internal capsule that can improve the patient’s mental function when simulated.

Ultrabroadband Photons Unlock High Speed Broadband

The team introduced small amounts of electrical energy in the part of the brain which is responsible for driving cognitive control – the process of shifting from one thought patterns to another, which is the opposite of a formation of a mental illness. The team quoted an example of a person who is stuck and cannot get out of a certain negative thought in order to suffice this alternative. However, vital it is to fixing mental illness, the team discovered a powerful new array of treating these illness on the following hypothesis.

The team went on to develop algorithms that after the simulation could have the ability to regulate the patient’s cognitive abilities directly from their brain activity. This controller method paved the way for boosting and improving the simulation of the effect that a patient could control their cognitive abilities from their actions and the ones stemming directly from the brain activity. The system that the research team developed has the ability to decoding a patient’s ability to applying a small burst of electrical simulation whenever the passage of information to and fro is not possible. The team quotes that this research could put the patient’s on the driver’s seat with a sense of urgency.

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