Joe Jones Invented Wild Plant Killing Robot ‘Tertill’

Joe Jones Invented Wild Plant Killing Robot ‘Tertill’

A Massachusetts-based robotics company Franklin Robotics alongside Roomba inventor has launched a weed-killing robot called Tertill. The developed robot is defined as a solar-powered and weatherproof robot that weeds gardens every day. The campaign’s description stated, “With Tertill, gardeners can now enjoy weed-free vegetable and flower gardens, without the monotony and frustration of weeding.  Organic gardeners can breathe easy and enjoy a weed-free, chemical-free garden all season long”. The modern Wild Plant Killing Robot uses Bluetooth to talk to smartphones and it is chemical free.

Using unique design elements as well as sensors robot prevents weeds from becoming established, however, it will also avoid plants and obstacles while looking for weeds. The robot depends on several sensors as well as clever programming to keep out of trouble. Tertill uses sensors to detect the garden fence and big plants. The modern robot uses the sensor used in a smartphone that describes the way is up to detect steep slopes. The robot can also sense if a motor stops turning so it can protect itself from damage. Jones said, “The big problem with weeding is, how do you tell the difference between a weed and a plant that you want to keep? With a garden, you can recognize the difference between weeds and crops based on size. So anything that’s short enough to go under the robot is considered a weed, and anything taller is considered a plant”. The modern robot price starting at $225 available on Kickstarter.

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