Most Popular Gaming Platform of 2021

Most Popular Gaming Platform of 2021

The results of the outgoing year have come up to the most popular gaming platforms. Apparently, in 2021, gamers gave preference to their PCs and related games. At least that’s what HowLongToBeat claims, citing its large user base from around the world.

The personal computer has become an unambiguous leader among users. Behind him is the console of the previous generation PlayStation 4. The top three are closed by a portable console from Nintendo. The popularity of the new generation consoles is noticeably lower than the leaders on the list. PlayStation 5 surpasses its direct competitor Xbox Series X / S by several positions at once.

The top 10 popular platforms in 2021 are as follows:

Playstation 4
Nintendo switch
Playstation 5
Xbox one
Playstation 3
Xbox Series X / S
Xbox 360
Nintendo 3DS
Playstation 2###

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