Now Charge Electric Vehicles On The Go With Electric Roads In Sweden

Now Charge Electric Vehicles On The Go With Electric Roads In Sweden

The world’s first electrified road is ready to roll. This road developed in Sweden charges the battery of cars and trucks. Actually, there is a track in this road through which the electric cars and truck batteries can be charged. This road has been opened in Stockholm, Sweden, for use.

According to the report, this vehicle charging project is a part of the government’s plan. The distance of this electric road is 1.2 miles or which is approximately two kilometers long. In the future, it will be widely expanded and in the country there is a plan to make such roads, highways for 20 thousand kilometers.

The vehicles which are to be charged by this road must have a movable arm. This arm will charge the battery of the vehicle passing through the road with the connection. The cost per kilometer of building such a road is $1.2 million.

The most important thing is that there is no electricity in the upper part of the road and people can walk barefoot on it. The designers of the mechanism on-the-go electric road have made it so efficient that there is no need to stop specifically for charging the vehicles.

The electric vehicles don’t have to wait for charge, so there will be low time consumption. After the expansion of such roads, the batteries of electric cars, trucks and other vehicles will be made in compact form. Thus owing to this, there will be no need to store the charge in the vehicle. The price factor of the batteries and the electric cars are likely to get affected.

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Explaining that Sweden is moving ahead with the goal of eliminating dependence on the fossil fuel by 2030, in such circumstances, it is necessary to cut 70% in the transport sector.


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