In Europe, Pet Releaf Has Teamed Up With Alphagreen To Market A Pet CBD Product

Pet CBD Product

Pet Releaf, the award-winning animal health company, has partnered with Alphagreen, a health and wellness e-commerce platform, to expand throughout Europe. Pet Releaf CBD products will be available for purchase for the first time in Europe through the Alphagreen e-tailer shopping channel. All Pet Releaf CBD products are created with hemp oil collected from pesticide and herbicide-free hemp family farms in the United States.

With over 250 brands and approximately 2,000 goods across several nations, Alphagreen has established itself as Europe’s premier CBD and wellness marketplace. With an ever-increasing consumer demand to meet, Alphagreen is expanding its e-tailer and retail operations across Europe, giving customers access to brands that were previously unavailable.

In 2020, the global CBD pet market was worth USD 125 million, with a compound annual growth rate of 58.9% projected by 2028. Since the start of COVID-19, the market has exploded, especially in the dog segment, thanks to an inflow of pet owners. CBD has a lot of potential as a feed for larger animals and as a treatment for animals employed in sports like horse racing. In both Europe and America, veterinarians and specialists are increasingly recommending CBD.

Since the early 2000s, Pet Releaf, a Colorado-based firm, has been on a mission to improve pet health with organic, hemp-based products. The company has seen tremendous growth and was eager to find a strong and trusted partner to assist its endeavors in Europe, having received numerous awards for the outstanding quality and taste of its products. Alphagreen will assist Pet Releaf in establishing a foothold in Europe and building a client base, paving the way for new brands to enter the market through wholesale distribution.

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“Pet Releaf is devoted to inventing hemp-based medications that are safe for their specified use,” stated Christopher Brooks, DVM, Vice President of Pet Releaf Professional Sales. “As the industry leader in pet CBD, we believe it is critical that all CBD product development be science-based. We are a certified National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) manufacturer of CBD products because we are committed to providing products that meet and exceed all animal health and safety regulations. Pet Releaf is also a strong supporter of truth, honesty, and education. Any untested claims that a product may treat, cure, or prevent an illness should raise a warning signal for pet parents.”

“Our exclusive agreement with Pet Releaf is the first of several high-profile international brands that we will be bringing to Europe. As a result, another major goal for the Alphagreen e-tailer platform has been met, with a slew of new logistical solutions and brands poised to debut across our worldwide shopping channels “Pikovsky stated.


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