Global Air Refueling Market Projected to Reach USD 950 Million by 2026

Air Refueling Market

Global Air Refueling market in 2019 was approximately USD 450 Million. The market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 11.2% and is anticipated to reach around USD 950 Million by 2026.

The air refueling processes are carried out using two primary methodologies: flying boom and progue-and-drogue. The former is significantly faster than the latter, but it necessitates the installation of a special type of boom operator station. The method of sending aviation fuel from one aircraft to another when both are in flight modes is known as air refueling. The aircraft that transports the fuel is known as a tanker, while the aircraft that receives the fuel is known as a receiver. Air refueling is critical, particularly for military aircraft, because the additional fuel obtained allows aircraft to stay in the air for longer periods. The range of the aircraft, as well as its operational capability, can be greatly increased in this manner. Any military aircraft may be able to compensate by burning less fuel when taking off. By lowering the overall takeoff weight, this could be achieved to compensate for the heavyweight of guns, armor, and other similar items. The same aircraft will obtain additional fuel after it has taken to the air, preventing the use of excess fuel during liftoff and thereby conserving it. An effective take-off roll is also possible for aircraft that start with a small amount of fuel and then receive an additional dose once in the air. An aircraft may obtain a significant boost when taking off in this manner, allowing it to reach a significant height in a short amount of time. According to reports, air refueling can save at least 35-40 percent on fuel, particularly for flights with long routes.

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The Indian Parliament approved the purchase of 73 Light Combat Aircraft (Tejas Mk-1A) fighter planes and ten Light Combat Aircraft (Tejas Mk-1) trainer planes in January 2021. The majority of countries are concentrating on improving their military capabilities. Specific key reasons promising military forces to strengthen their capabilities include geopolitical challenges, territorial and border conflicts, and the need to replace aging fleets with new fourth- and fifth-generation fighter aircraft with increased payload capability and flying range. As part of the next big milestone in the Joint Strike Fighter Program, F-35A aircraft were inducted into BAE Systems Australia’s (BAESA) maintenance depot in February 2021, and 12 countries have devoted themselves to ordering F-35 aircraft either as official partner nations or through foreign military sales. In January 2021, the Greek government approved the purchase of 18 Dassault Rafale jets from France for USD 3.04 billion. Therefore, an increase in spending by the military on air refueling is estimated to surge the market growth.

Automated Air Refueling (A3R) is still a technology in its infancy, and numerous developments are underway to bring it to market. However, in order for A3R to become a reality, more advanced control systems, such as relative positioning systems, data link systems, and remote aerial vehicle operators, must be created. Autonomous refueling aims to seamlessly combine manned and unmanned operations. As a result, A3R will be designed to use existing structured voice command and control (C2) messages and procedures, which will be converted into data link messages that can be processed by the UAV’s computer.

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During the forecast era, an increase in demand for air refueling systems is anticipated in North America due to a growing number of military aircraft modernization projects, ongoing research and development of advanced military aircraft platforms, and the involvement of major systems and component manufacturers. Since the military aviation market in North America is rapidly expanding, there is a high demand for air refueling systems. One of the main factors expected to improve the air refueling market in North America is the involvement of major players, OEMs, and component manufacturers. The development of the North American air refueling market is projected to be led by the United States. In terms of research and growth, launch, and the participation of key market players, North America is one of the leading markets for air refueling systems. The United States and Canada are the two largest countries in this area. North America’s air refueling industry is dominated by the United States.

Top Key Market Players

Some of the key players in the air refueling market Cobham plc, Eaton Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, Omega Aerial Refueling Services, lnc., Boeing, Dassault Aviation, GE Aviation, Marshall Aerospace, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd., and Zodiac Aerospace, among others. Recent Initiatives: The US Air Force ordered 15 Boeing KC-46 multirole tankers in September 2019 to sustain its growing military aircraft fleet. Furthermore, a lower risk of pilot error and fatigue when receiving aircraft would have a significant impact on market penetration across a variety of applications.

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