BMW Aims To Launch A 1 Series Electric Hatchback By The End Of 2021

BMW Aims To Launch A 1 Series Electric Hatchback By The End Of 2021

While we have known for quite some time that BMW aims to make EVs of all its most popular cars, the firm has now shared more definitive aims. In a statement with the media, the firm’s  EV department head, Robert Irlinger, unveiled BMW plans to launch an electric variant of its 1 Series hatchback dubbed as the BMW i1 by the end of 2021. Media claims that the i1 will be an “entry-level” car that will look similar to a traditional gasoline car. Also, BMW could roll out the i1 by the end of 2021, as per media.

In the same statement, Irlinger claimed that BMW has suppleness in terms of which cars it can next electrify. “In our whole portfolio, you will see electrification,” he claimed. “We can work again on our front-wheel-drive along with the rear-wheel-drive services and both are capable of showing all techs—our users have the power of selection.”

Previously this year, at the firm’s NEXTGen conference, BMW claimed it aimed to launch 13 plug-in hybrids and 12 completely EVs by end of 2023. Apart from the i1, some of the first EVs that will launch comprise the i4 Sedan and iX3 SUV.

On a related note, certainly, the fuel-cell framework problem has not been resolved yet, but that has not restrictedcompanies from touting new hydrogen-supported cars. During the Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW touted the X5 SUV (i Hydrogen Next development). Since it is always good to have a Plan B in case pure electric vehicle stall.

The X5 BMW touted is actually just an altered gasoline car. The plan by BMW to make a modular platform for its cars comprised having a choice for hybrids, pure EVs, and gas engines. Fuel cells currently do not fit into the drivetrain future of the firm.

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