Scientists Proclaim For Outer Space Protection From Human Invasion

Scientists Proclaim For Outer Space Protection From Human Invasion

Human exploration has currently made its way into the space. The current situation wherein the materials on Earth are getting scarce is the reason for the shift toward exploring the Solar System. The scientists fear that our Solar System may end with the same fate as that of the Earth. According to scientists, there is a need to protect 85% of the Solar System from the human invasion as a part of the preservation of the space wilderness. A Senior Astrophysicist Martin Elvis from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, has already suggested that if the humans were to ever explore the other planetary bodies, then after a few 100 Years we will have to face even more extreme crisis compared to that faced today.

In the current scenario, the space mining companies are eyeing everything in space right from the water on the Moon to the minerals and metals on the asteroids. The UK-based Asteroid Mining Corporation (AMC) is on a mission to completely investigate the potential of an off-Earth commercial market. There needs to be a new move made so as to protect the outer space just as the environment conservation acts abided on the Earth as this can possibly help keep space mining companies at bay. However, there are many who believe that extracting minerals from the space can actually help the Earth survive. The companies are planning to use Moon for fuel production for the missions sent there. Even Mars needs similar protection acts so as to keep its minerals and metals safe and secure.

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Similarly, the researchers from the UK Centre for Astrobiology at the University of Edinburgh had developed a prototype version of the biomining reactor that has already been launched into space. The researchers believe that the microbes can help extract metals and minerals from the space rocks. This space biomining technique can help save a lot of time and energy.

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