NASA Names Its Lunar 2024 Mission As Artemis

NASA Names Its Lunar 2024 Mission As Artemis

NASA took an ambitious decision of putting a woman on the moon’s surface. NASA has sent the first Man on the moon on 1960-1970’s Apollo mission. Now after almost 50 years, one man and the very first woman will be setting their foot on the surface of the moon in the Artemis lunar mission. The name is derived from the Greek mythology- Artemis is a Greek goddess of moon and Apollo’s twin sister.

Jim Bridenstine, the administrator at NASA announced the name of the mission yesterday after putting forth the updated version of the budget request for the 2024 lunar mission. In the month of March, Mike Pence, the vice president had asked NASA to fasten the process of this lunar mission and within next five years it is expected to launch. Accepting this mission, Jim Bridenstine wants the astronauts going in space to be 1 man and 1 woman.

As per the report, the first woman to go to the moon will be an American. In the month of April, during the Symposium conference that took place in Colorado Springs, Jim said that this will be an extreme declaration. At NASA, it is a charge that they are going to live up to.

The Artemis lunar project is still at its beginning stages. Although NASA is designing rockets, crew capsules in order to take people deep in space, progress is not yet up to the mark. These scientifically designed and engineered vehicles are unable to carry astronauts in deep space. NASA has a long way to go as it needs more development in its hardware components. For the Artemis lunar project to be a success, it has to pay attention in developing a better version of Lunar Landers. More to this, NASA is yet to obtain Congress’s approval.

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