Common Food Additive Seems To Be Affecting Gut Microbiota

Common Food Additive Seems To Be Affecting Gut Microbiota

Research by University of Sydney offers new proof that nanoparticles, which are present in most of the food products, might have a harmful and substantial influence on human health. The research studied the health effects of food additive titanium dioxide nanoparticles (E171) which is usually employed in some medications and high amounts in foods as a whitening agent. Discovered in over 900 food items such as mayonnaise and chewing gum, E171 is eaten in high amount daily by the normal population.

Posted in Frontiers in Nutrition, the mice research discovered that eating food having E171 has an effect on the gut microbiota (described by the trillions of bacteria that are present in the gut) that can activate diseases such as colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases. Wojciech Chrzanowski, associate professor and co-lead author, claimed that the study added considerably to a body of research on nanoparticle safety and toxicity and their effect on environment and health. “The goal of this study is to stimulate talks on new regulations and standards to make sure safe employment of nanoparticles in Australia and all over the world,” he claimed.

On a related note, a new research offers possible new targets for curing epilepsy and new basic insights into the relation between glial “helper” cells and neurons. In eLife, researchers at Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT report inventing a major series of molecular occasions in which the genetic mutation in epilepsy’s fruit fly model leaves neurons defenseless to turning hyper activated by stress, resulting in seizures.

Almost 60 Million individuals all over the world suffer from epilepsy, a neurological case distinguished by seizures leading due to extreme neural activity. The “zydeco” model comes in the research and undergoes seizures in a same manner. Since finding zydeco, the lab of Troy Littleton, MIT neurobiologist and Neuroscience Menicon Professor, has been probing why the zydeco mutation of flies makes it an influential model of epilepsy.

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