Kepler Communications Raises $16 Million Funds

Kepler Communications Raises $16 Million Funds

Kepler Communications, a Canadian satellite startup, announced that it has raised funds of about $16 Million. The firm asserted that these funds are collected from investors to construct and introduce its first-generation constellation of about 15 satellites. Costanoa Ventures is known for investing in initial-stage tech firms. It led the round with participation from Deutsche Bahn’s Digital Ventures and returning investors such as IA Ventures.

Jeffrey Osborne, Co-founder & Vice President, Business Development, Kepler, proclaimed that the firm aims to expand its size from 20 to 40 employees. Reportedly, Kepler succeeded to raise the fund of about $21 Million to date and it is looking for operating a constellation of up to 140 tiny satellites for wideband communications, IoT connectivity on the ground, and, finally, an in-space data-relay network. The startup has a sample CubeSat named KIPP that provides wideband service. At the same time, second demonstration satellite is expected to be launched on an Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle in November 2018.

On a similar note, earlier last month, NASA uncovered that it is studying on small satellites that have an ability to fit inside a backpack. These satellites are named as RainCube (Radar in a CubeSat). NASA stated that the novel satellite uses experimental technology to notice storms. These satellites have the capability to detect rain and snow with the help of very small tools.

Earlier last month, RainCube sent its first pictures covering Mexico storm. These pictures were presented in the August 2018 Technology Demonstration. This satellite presented the subsequent batch of images in September 2018 that covered the first Hurricane Florence rainfall. The tiny satellite is a model for the probable group of RainCubes that might assist in monitoring vital storms in the upcoming period. This technology can be used to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts. It might also be helpful in tracking the climate changes over time.

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